Polyjacking Solutions For Leveling Concrete

Some techniques including slab jacking and mud jacking have been utilized for many decades by companies like Gibbs Company to define the act of elevating sunken concrete. However, in some cases traditional methods with cement-based materials can mean varying results and levels of precision. Fracturing and over-lifting of slabs is another possibility.

chemical grouting pressure grouting sinking slab foundation repairThat’s why Gibbs Company now provides an alternative, polyjacking, for the people of Columbia, Jefferson City, Mexico, and Moberly, MO. Injecting structural polyurethane foam inside voids underneath settling or rocking concrete slabs can support them without excavation and added weight. Slabs can also be easily upraised back to their original position with this technique.

Benefits associated with Polyjacking for slab lifting and stabilization:

•   Quick and easy procedure

•   Stabilizes base and fortifies slab

•   Cheaper than replacement

•   Decreased mess and inconvenience

•   Much less disruption; very little loss of use

•   Work may be done in hours/days as opposed to weeks/months

Typical Applications

Residential Applications Include: patios, porches, concrete floors, sub-surface utilities, retaining walls, walkways, driveways, pools, and foundations

Polyjacking works for the following sunken or settled concrete problems including:mudjacking alternative polyurethene slab jacking missouri


A lot of slab lifting jobs first call for fixing underlying troubles with uneven or settling substrate with soil stabilization. Identifying which method and merchandise to employ depends on the soil conditions and the type of project you need to be done. Contact Gibbs Company at 800-326-5193 and a technical expert will suggest the absolute best approach for the project. Our professionals have many years of experience among them and are here to find solutions to your problem.

Slab stabilization with polyjacking or pressure grouting is possible with our structural foam resins. For simple slab stabilization, they'll flow into the voids and cavities and fill them by enlarging as much as twenty times (depending on formulation). The foam is totally expanded and traffic ready within 15 minutes (85 percent strength). The stiff foam re-establishes contact between the slab and the sub-grade and is strong enough for heavy traffic loads.


columbia jefferson city mo missouri slabjacking pressure groutingOccasionally mud jacking with a concrete product simply does not provide the precision and reliable results which can be attained with polyurethane foams. There are several advantages to pressure grouting:

Benefits for property owners:

•   Less time

•   Less weight

•   Less expense

•   Less disruption

•   Less environmental impact

•   Less harm to slab

•   Erosion control

•   Soil stabilization

•   High-strength void fill

•   Controlled slab lifting

chemical pressure grouting solutions basement remodeling waterproofingPolyjacking or pressure grouting provides scientific advantages, proven methods and an accurate lifting action which can be controlled. There are many contractors including Gibbs Company with a very good track record of successful projects utilizing pressure grouting within the Central Missouri area.

Many times, the settling or sinking of concrete is a result of a settling underlying substrate. Stabilizing that soil initially is important to the long-term success of a slab lifting process. The nature of the substrate will determine which kind of stabilization and products are required.

After you've stabilized and consolidated the sub-grade, the time is right for the pressure grouting process. A quickly expanding foam is injected through small diameter holes directly underneath the slab in short bursts. By speeding up the reaction with heat and by governing the amount of material that goes in under the slab, you can accurately manage how much the slab is upraised.


I wanted to take a moment to compliment the crew that worked on my project.  I was very pleased with the job they did.  Several times throughout the foundation repair  project Bruce called me to inform me of a particular interval they had reached and what I could expect.  He was able to give me options as the project was ongoing.  With the options he was able to provide me an accurate price adjustment if one was to be made.

Several times throughout the few days they were at my home, I had questions.  Bruce was able to fully answer my questions in a way I could understand.  Their work appears to be excellent and their customer service was impeccable.


Bryan L. - Columbia MO

We would like to take this opportunity to commend your crew for the very professional job they did with our foundation repair project.   

They were extremely polite and left the job site as close to the way they found it as possible.  Thanks, for a job well done.

A.M. and P.M. from Cole Camp


Repairing Concrete Structures

sunken concrete leveled mid missouriThe need for crack repair in concrete structures may be triggered by many different factors. Damage can occur to the concrete in times when direct impact puts stress on one area of the structure.

Causes include:

•   Freeze / thaw cycles

•   Mechanical overload

•   Improper pouring in installation

•   Damage during transport of prefab sections

•   Faulty foundations

•   Standing water as a result of unsuitable drainage adding unsafe weight to the concrete structure

Structural cracks in concrete are mended by pressure injection of our pressure grouting epoxy injection resins. There are lots of ways to accomplish this, but the basics are consistent. The breadth of formulations provides the options needed with respect to the type of job and the conditions. Whether you're getting work done in high or low temperatures, need fast or slow setting products, need USDA-approved products or any number of factors, we have a product that will suit your needs. If you'd like any more information about pressure grouting or other slab raising options, give Gibbs Company of Mid-Missouri a call at 800-326-5193.


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